game plan for brands

What Is Your Game Plan?

by stacey August 31, 2020 Brand Identity

Even the smallest business needs branding. It’s your game plan. Think about it like a football game: no team goes

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When is it Time to Rebrand?

by karen July 20, 2020 Brand Identity

Can your current branding take you to the next level? If the answer to this question is not a resounding

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Layout of the file formats

File Formats and When to Use Them

by karen June 11, 2020 Brand Identity

It can feel like another language when tech-savvy people start talking about file formats: Vector files… Raster files… jpg… png…

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Effective Logo Design

Effective Logo Design

by karen May 05, 2020 Brand Identity

Even though a logo is a small part of your overall brand, it is still an important part. It becomes

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