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DCI Specialty Contracting is an expert in their industry, known for navigating difficult contracting jobs and solving complex construction issues.

DCI’s logo didn’t depict this professionalism or confidence. Leaders wanted a new look to help carry their business through the next level of growth.

DCI business card
DCI before and after logo design
DCI horizontal logo
DCI Letterhead for their new branding


We created a logo to resemble a compass, implying that DCI navigates the problem and discovers the best solution. We incorporated colors that demand attention but aren’t overbearing.

Overall, the new branding modernizes the company and gives an impression of an expert guide with approachable authority.

Brand Identity  |  Design

white icon on orange background
icon on black background
icon on tan background


Considering DCI was using its original logo, a rebrand was in order. The business has grown and changed over the years, and is now on a trajectory to new and exciting endeavors.

The new and complete brand identity will look consistent through all of DCI’s implementations: the new website, crew uniforms, sales tools, promotional items and more.

DCI badge logo on a hat
DCI Circle Logo in white on orange background
DCI Badge Logo on black background
hard hat with DCI icon logo

Don't let your outdated logo slow down your growth.