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Twin City Homes had many challenges with their brand and needed to reevaluate their brand strategy.  As a family-owned boutique real estate agency, the company prides themselves on the personal care they give to their clients. But that commitment and personal touch were lost in their commercial logo.

The complex design was difficult to transfer on branded marketing items and the color palette was so widely used in the real estate industry that Twin Cities Homes had a hard time standing out from their competition.

Twin City Homes coasters with logo
color palette for Twin City Homes brand
responsive logo
Twin City Homes outdoor signage


In the rebrand, we captured the personal touch that they bring to their clients. We developed a color palette that is warm and inviting, giving it that homey feel with a touch of class. We also created a logo that is simple and remarkable. By incorporating the initials “TCH” it can be used as a stand alone icon that also stirs up curiosity.

Brand Identity  |  Design

Twin City Homes logo in one color
Twin City Homes reversed logo on black
Twin City Homes white logo on gold
Twin City Homes logo in horizontal format with tagline


A rebrand can seem daunting but the end result pays off. Twin City Homes has a brand identity that truly speaks to who they are and whom they serve.

The new concept elevated not only their presence in the real estate game, but also the company’s confidence. Plus, the versatility of their new branding allows them to utilize it to the fullest and to be sustainable as they continue to grow.

Twin City Homes business card

Does your current brand blend in with your competition?