Personal motto:  Be focused.

Hello, I’m Stacey Robertson!

Hometown:  Saint Paul, MN

First job:  I worked at a health-focused smoothie bar.

Places I’ve lived:  Minnesota, Colorado, London, Florida, Illinois and California.

Most adventurous thing I’ve done:  I went heli-skiing in British Columbia for my honeymoon.

When I’m not working, I’m happiest…  Skiing with my family.

If I went to happy hour, I would order…  A bourbon Manhattan.

Something few people know about me:  For my senior project in college, I made a documentary and it was nominated for an Emmy.

Special talents:  Beer chugging. It’s how I met my husband.

Best Professional Accomplishment:  I did a news story in Illinois about a Fed Ex driver that wore shorts to work no matter the weather – even in the freezing cold! Good Morning America aired my story, which back then was the news equivalent of “going viral.

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